Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coverstar Quality Control

Coverstar has worked tirelessly to offer not only the highest quality automatic pool cover system available, but also to make sure each order ships accurately.  To ensure that the correct parts are shipped with each order that is placed, Coverstar has implemented a robust quality control program. 

When an order for a cover system is submitted online, it is reviewed by two separate account managers before it is moved to production.  As the account managers review the order, they make sure that the system options selected are compatible with each other and will work properly.  After the order has been reviewed, it is moved to production.

As the order is being produced, there are a number of different hardware kits that are needed, depending on the type of system ordered.  To help ensure that these hardware kits are correct, each of the parts is individually bar coded and weighed.  Each kit must pass this weight check and have all bar codes scanned in order to pass the quality control check. 

 As the order is completed on the production floor, it is again checked twice for accuracy.    During this process, 30-40 digital pictures are taken of each order.  The pictures from the assembly department show all of the components of the mechanism box including showing what motor side the mechanism is.

The pictures from the extrusion department show the roll up tube and leading edge tube being measured, so the exact measurement that each tube is cut to is shown.  The pictures also show the type of lid and track, along with the quantities of each included in the order. 

The pictures from the cover department show the cover being measured, so the exact cover width and length is shown.  The pictures also show the fabric color, webbing type and rope. 

Once the pictures are taken, they are uploaded and attached to each order.  This allows the company that placed the order to access the pictures through their online ordering page.  They can scroll through the pictures and see exactly what shipped with each order, and which box each part was packaged in. 

Coverstar is committed to producing and shipping the highest quality automatic cover systems available.  This commitment is evident in the quality control program as it is followed for all full system orders, all replacement cover orders, and all parts orders. 




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