Friday, May 24, 2013

Coverstar Automatic Safety Covers & Pool Studio

A few years ago, Coverstar partnered with Structure Studios, the company that introduced a 3D swimming pool design software called Pool Studio.  This software allows dealers to quickly create pool designs, complete with landscaping, running water and sound effects.  In addition to being able to create and show customers what their potential pool can look like in 3D, they can also show their pool with a Coverstar Automatic Safety Cover. 

When creating the design of the pool, Coverstar track, lids and cover fabric can be selected from the Coverstar Library and added to the design of the pool.  For those who may be unfamiliar with this process, please click on the following link to view a video that shows how to access the Coverstar library and how to add the Coverstar components.

We hope you will find this helpful as you include Coverstar Automatic Safety Covers in the design of your pools. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Coverstar Touch Pad with WiFi

A Coverstar automatic safety cover is the best way to protect your family, your pool and your time. A backyard swimming pool is the ultimate source of family fun! But when it comes to children and pets, it is also the source of safety concerns. No parent can be watching over the pool every minute. No fence or alarm can prevent a child from getting access to an unsupervised pool. A Coverstar automatic safety cover can!

 Simply flip a switch, and your Coverstar automatic safety cover will create a barrier over your pool that no child or pet can penetrate. Coverstar is the best protection available for your family and your pool investment.

 Coverstar is proud to introduce a new touch pad control switch, which has been given a voice of its own. 

What if your pool cover controller could contact you, when you are away from home, to let you know who is using the pool?
Or notify you when your pool cover is closed, letting you know your pool is safe and secure?
What if your pool cover controller could alert you when your pool has been left uncovered?

Now it can with Coverstar!

 The new Coverstar touchpad connects to your existing home network.  It is easy to set up and will allow you to choose which notifications you want to receive such as:

  • When the cover is closed
  • When a user code is entered
  • When an unauthorized user attempts to log in
  • When the cover is left open and more
The Coverstar touchpad allows you to program up to 4 unique user codes, so different members of the family can have their own code.  The touchpad can be installed on any new or existing Coverstar automatic cover system.  Let your pool cover connect to you. 

The new touch pad control switch by Coverstar, a brand of Latham Pool Products, Behind Every Pool.