Friday, April 27, 2012

Coverstar and Freeform Pools (part 1 of 3)

Automatic pool covers travel through aluminum tracks that are installed on each side of the pool.  These tracks form a rectangle around the pool.  Because automatic pool covers are rectangular in shape, they have traditionally been an easy addition to rectangular shaped pools.  However, through these new innovations, automatic pool covers can not only be installed on rectangular shaped pools, they can also be installed on freeform pools that vary in shape and size. 

When installing an automatic pool cover on a freeform shaped pool, there are three different types of track that can be used.  The first type of track is called encapsulated track.  This encapsulation is used in a pool application called pool in pool, or it is also known as deck on deck. 

The pool in pool application includes pouring a concrete deck immediately around the perimeter of the pool.  Once this first concrete deck is complete, encapsulation is installed on top of the concrete deck along the two sides of the pool as well as on the shallow end of the pool to create a rectangle.  This encapsulation is set back from the edge of the pool about 1 ft.  The fourth side of the pool will be left open as the location for the cover drive system to be installed. 

Once the encapsulation is installed on the first concrete deck, a second concrete deck is poured on top of this encapsulation and on top of the first deck.  This will create a step up from the first deck to the second deck.  The backside of the encapsulation is locked into place inside the concrete while the front side of the encapsulation is accessible on the inside of the step.  The track for the cover is then inserted inside the encapsulation and locked into place using a spacer.  While the encapsulation is poured and locked into place in the concrete, the cover track is still removable as needed. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Don't Build A Pool Without A Cover...

Without A Cover
Like a house without a roof, a pool without a cover is impossible to heat cost effectively. Without a cover, pool owners must continually replace heat and chemicals lost to simple water evaporation. And because the water is exposed to the elements, pool filtration pumps use more electricity than is necessary. That wastes valuable resources needlessly, and can cost you a lot of money.

With A Cover
There is no better way to conserve important natural resources than an automatic safety pool cover. It's like a roof for your pool that helps keep out the undesirable things like dirt, leaves and insects while keeping in the good things, like heat, pool chemicals and water. It's the perfect "GREEN" solution for pool owners who care about the environment and want to save money on operation costs.