Friday, May 18, 2012

Coverstar and Freeform Pools (part 3 of 3)

To continue showing the different track options when installing an automatic pool cover on a free form pool, we will now look at the third type of track that can be used in this application, which is standard topguide.  This track is not set in place during the construction of the pool.  This track will be set in place on top of the finished concrete deck.  This track is a low profile track (similar to a door threshold) that is screwed down on top of the deck.  It is important to check the measurements between the tracks on each side of the pool to make sure they are straight and square before anchoring them to the pool deck. 

When any of these track types are used for an automatic cover during the construction of the pool, the cover drive system is located in a cover housing which is below grade.  This is where the cover will roll up and be stored when the cover is retracted off the pool. 
This cover housing can then be covered using different types of lids.  Some of these lids are an aluminum hinged lid, while other lids are made of concrete so the lid blends in with the surrounding pool deck. 

The examples that have been given are based on adding automatic pool covers to new pools that were under construction.  However, it is also possible to install an automatic pool cover on existing pools.  In this case, both the cover drive system and the track are anchored to the top of the concrete pool deck.  With the drive system above grade, they can be covered using plastic deckmount housings or by building a wood bench over them. 

It is important to note that when installing an automatic pool cover on a freeform pool, it is important to limit the amount of concrete that the pool cover will be pulled across.  When a cover is pulled across concrete, it creates deck drag on the cover which will add stress to the operation of the cover system.  By locating the track close to the edge of the pool, this deck drag will be reduced, allowing the cover to operate more smoothly. 

Regardless of the type of track that is used when installing an automatic cover on a freeform pool, there are a number of benefits that a homeowner will gain by adding an automatic pool cover to their swimming pool. The first is Safety.  Although an automatic cover doesn’t replace the need for adult supervision, it does give peace of mind knowing that there is another layer of protection between your loved ones and your swimming pool.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Coverstar and Freeforms Pools (part 2 0f 3)

This is a continuation of a blog post that showed one way of incorporating an automatic pool cover on a freeform pool.  The first option that was presented a few weeks ago is an option called pool in pool.  The second type of track that can be used to add an automatic pool cover to a freeform pool is recessed horizontal track.  This track is similar in concept to the track and encapsulation that is used in the pool in pool application in that there is a housing section that is buried in the concrete and a section of track that will lock into the housing with a separate spacer.  Because the housing portion of this track is buried into the concrete, it is put into place during the construction of the pool. One difference between the recessed horizontal track and the encapsulated track is that there is no need to use a second deck with a step. The recessed horizontal track is positioned in the concrete that is poured immediately around the pool.

The recessed horizontal track is set in place along both sides of the pool before the concrete deck is poured.  As the track is staked into place, it is important to check the measurements between them to make sure they form a perfect rectangle.  The top of the track will be set at a height that is flush with the top of the finished concrete deck. 

Once the recessed horizontal track is staked in place, it is important to mask the top of the track during the concrete pour to keep concrete from making its way in to the track. 

Our next blog post will focus on using our standard topguide track.  

Friday, May 4, 2012


Coverstar Safety Covers
Coverstar is excited to announce that not only do we offer the strongest brand in Automatic Safety Covers, but we now offer a new line of Coverstar branded mesh and solid Safety Covers. This new product line reflects the strength and reliability of the Coverstar brand, and supplies the best in class in materials, craftsmanship and service. Among many exclusive features, all Coverstar Safety Covers include interlocked and double overlapped seams that dramatically improve seam strength and the life of the cover.

Now you will be able to rely on Coverstar as your one-stop source for all your automatic cover and safety cover needs…plus so much more to make your life easy!

No Covers are Built Stronger:
Every pool professional knows that the weakest part of every safety cover is the seams. Only Coverstar uses interlocked and double overlapped seams to dramatically improve weight transfer from the cover material to the seams and webbing. Coverstar Safety Covers also include:

  • Bar and box track reinforcement on all perimeter straps for additional strength – Coverstar exclusive!
  • Double decker edge won’t unravel – the cover material is first hemmed then sandwiched between double layers of webbing around the perimeter.
  • Heavy duty vinyl nosing pads protect cover against wear from coping and steps.
  • Chafing strip sewn to bottom of cover protects the webbing from coping abrasion wear – and wont mark the coping, like other strips!
  • Lower profile springs with heavy-duty overlap D-ring (standard on Heavy-Duty Solid and custom covers) – cover lies flat and fits tight!
 And…because we build them better, we back them better: with a 20-YEAR WARRANTY (5 years FULL warranty)!

No one is easier to do business with:
When it comes to delivery in-season, Coverstar can do in days what our competitors do in weeks! Our multiple manufacturing locations positioned strategically across North America enable us to ship custom safety covers in just 4 days in season! We also make your life easier by:

  • Mobile Phone App that enable safety cover quoting in real time right at your job site!
  • Faster installation with our exclusive center web – allows quicker line-up. Coverstar exclusive!
  • Patented Reduced Deckmount springs for easy installation with less than 18” of deck space. Maintains tight cover fit. Coverstar exclusive!
  • Removable perimeter padding attaches with Velcro – padding can be replaced quickly, easily and at a fraction of the cost! 
  • 35” Installation rod is ergonomically designed to make installation and removal virtually effortless.
We look forward to being your one-stop source for all your pool cover needs! For more information about Coverstar Safety Covers please call 1-800-833-3800.