Friday, August 17, 2012

Pool Safety Tips

Coverstar Pool Covers are easy and convenient to use, but they should not be the only source of protection for your family.  Please read the recommendations provided by industry and safety groups listed below and implement as many of them as possible for your pool. 

Multiple Layers of Protection
Don’t rely on only one system of protection – layering several safety precautions together provides the strongest safeguard.  You should never rely on any one layer to be fail proof.  Enclose the pool with a barrier.  In fact, fencing may be required in certain areas.  Keep all doors and windows leading from the house to the pool area secure.  Install self-closing mechanisms on doors.  Install only child-proof, self-closing, self-latching gates around the pool. 

Your Responsibility
As a pool owner, be aware that you must ensure your child’s safety.  Make sure you have rescue devises that are easily accessible.  Never leave a pool with its cover partially closed since children may become trapped under it.  Always drain standing water off of your spa or pool cover.  A child can drown in as little as two inches of water. 

Adult Supervision
There is no substitute for constant adult supervision.  Never leave a child alone – even for a second.  Most drownings occur during a five minute (or less) lapse in supervision.  There is a risk of a child drowning when around any body of water.  Maintain constant eye contact with your children when they are around the pool.  Do not consider young children water-safe because they have had swimming lessons. Post and enforce rules such as No Running, No Pushing, No Dunking, and Never Swim Alone.

Extend Safety Awareness
Instruct baby-sitters about potential hazards to young children in and around swimming pools and the need for constant supervision.  Alert your pool maintenance people, utility personnel and your neighbors to keep covers, gates, and doors to the pool closed and locked at all times. 

Pool Toys
Remember to keep toys and inflatables away from the pool when the pool is not us use.  These items can lure a child into the pool. 

Inspect Equipment
Inspect safety and pool equipment regularly.  Preventive devices are only effective if they are in working order.  Gate latches, gate closure devices, fences, door and pool alarms, and the pool cover should be inspected frequently to be certain they are working properly. 

Sources:  Drowning Prevention Study; United States Consumer Product Safety Commission; National Spa and Pool Institute’s Operation Water Watch; and the American Academy of Pediatrics.