Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Latham Pool Builder Academy-Camp Penuel

Coverstar has once again participated in the Latham Pool Builder Academy.  The pool builder academy was organized to give pool builders from around the country an opportunity to receive hands on experience and instruction as they participate in the entire process of building a vinyl liner pool.  The academy begins with the excavation of the hole and concludes with the installation of a Coverstar Automatic Cover System. 

When Latham International first introduced the pool builder academy, it was held in the yard of a homeowner that had purchased a pool and agreed to have the academy at their home.  Several years ago, Latham decided that the pool builder academy provided the perfect opportunity for them and other companies to give back to the community.  Now, each pool builder academy is held at the location of a charitable organization that would really benefit from having a pool.  The entire pool kit, automatic cover and circulation and filtration equipment are donated for the cause. 

This most recent pool builder academy was held Sept 25-29th in at Camp Penuel in Ironton Mo.  Camp Penuel is a Christen camp that provides over 1500 inter-city kids each summer the opportunity to spend a fun filled week at camp. 

While at camp, these kids experience the beauty of the outdoors as  they participate in water sports on Lake Killarney, going on nature hikes, singing songs around the camp fire, playing team sports, and reading.  Camp Penuel gives these youth an uplifting environment, away from the city streets that they came from, where they can learn more about themselves as well as learn more about God. 

Now, thanks to the pool builder academy, the youth that come to Camp Penuel will also enjoy swimming in a new swimming pool.

Coverstar LLC, is proud to have participated in 6 Pool Builder Academy’s.  Each of these academy’s has given Coverstar the opportunity to give back to the community as well as  meet and work with many great pool builders from around the country. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Covering & Uncovering the Pool Manually

If there is a loss of electrical power to the system and the cover must be closed or opened  for safety or other reasons, the cover can be closed manually. While this is not easy to do, it can be done by following these steps:

To cover the pool:
  1. Remove the cover lid.
  2. Pull the ropes to extend the cover out over the pool

To uncover the pool:
  1. Remove the cover lid at the non-motor end.
  2. Insert a ¾” x ½” adapter onto a ½” ratchet.
  3. Insert the ¾” adapter into the end of the cover drive shaft.
  4. Ratchet the cover off the pool.   

Note: For largepools, it may be necessary to loosen the cover mechanism’s torque limiter to close the pool.