Friday, September 28, 2012

No One Is Easier To Do Business With!

Custom Covers ship in just 4 days!

When it comes to delivery in-season, Coverstar can do in days what our competitors do in weeks! Our multiple manufacturing locations positioned strategically across North America enable us to ship custom safety covers in just 4 days in season!

More ways we make your life easier:

  • Mobile Phone App enaples safety cover quoting in real time right at your job site!
  • Faster Installation with our exclusive center web - allows quicker line-up. A Coverstar exclusive!
  • Patented Reduced Deckmount Springs for easy installation with less than 18" of deck space. Maintains tight cover fit. A Coverstar exclusive!
  • Removale Perimeter Padding attaches with Velcro - padding can be replaced quickly and easily at a fraction of the cost.
  • 35" Installation Rod is ergonomically designed to make installation and removal virtually effortless.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Reusable Lid Forming Kit

Coverstar is excited to announce the release of their new lid forming kits.  These kits will allow concrete lid sections to be formed and poured on the job site quickly and easily, and best of all, these kits are completely reusable.  The lid forming kits are available with either an inclined or a cantilever shaped profile and match the profile of Coverstar's reusable coping forms.


The new lid forming kits include:

  •   Molded plastic lid forming trays 
  •  Removable profile forms in either a Inclined or Cantilever shape
  •  Shape specific trowel
  •  Easier cleaning and maintenance 
  • Reduce complexity and time required to pour lids 
  •  Weight saver design for 20% lighter lid sections
  •  Channel for locking stone to bracket 
  •  Easy forming of motor and non-motor ends 
  •  Non-weight saver tray and adjustable divider that can be used to make lid sections with custom widths. 

A concrete lid is a great looking lid that helps the location of the cover housing blend in with rest of the pool.  The concrete sections of lid are removable, so the cover housing can be accessed as needed. 
Coverstar also has a number of aluminum and stainless steel bracket options available that can be mounted across the back of the cover box to support the concrete lid.  For more informaiton on this new reusable lid forming kit, please contact a Coverstar Representative.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Winterizing your Coverstar Automatic Cover

As the swimming season is coming to a close, we wanted to share some information that is often requested this time of year regarding using an Automatic Coverstar cover as a winter cover.  The answer is that it is a matter of personal choice.  We neither recommend nor discourage use of the motorized cover as a winter cover.  We are neutral on this issue.  In order to help you make a decision, we have listed below some of the items you should consider when making your choice. 

1.      When proper precautions are taken, Coverstar Automatic Covers can be successfully used as a winter cover.

2.      During the winter the proper water level must be maintained as the water supports the ice and snowmelt build-up.   The best method is to blow out the lines and use filter plugs & cover plates so that the water level does not have to be lowered. (If the pool has tile, which might be damaged by freezing, lower the water level to 1 inch below the tile).

3.      The cover pump must be left on the cover and plugged in, so that as water accumulates from the ice and snow melting, it will be pumped off of the cover.  Excessive amounts should not be allowed to build up on top of the cover.  Attempting to break and remove snow, or ice from the cover can cause damage to both the cover itself and the tracks.  The cover should never be operated if it has water, snow or ice on it.

4.      There are some risks associated with using the motorized cover as a winter cover, such as the water level dropping below the recommended level.  If the pool loses water because of a leak or for any other reason, there may not be enough support for the cover.  This could cause the tracks to pull down, possibly damaging the material to which it is attached as well as the cover itself.  However, if there is adequate slack in the cover and the water level is properly maintained, there is little likelihood of problems occurring.

5.      The cover is not warranted against damage to the cover or pool due to winter use, just as the warranty does not cover damage due to such things as mudslides, earthquakes, falling trees, etc.

6.      Leaves and debris should be removed from the cover as they accumulate to avoid damage and staining the cover.

7.      A cover should only be used as a winter cover if it has the proper slack.  Proper slack is determined by where the cover touches the water.  When the water level is lowered, the cover should normally touch the water no more that 12 inches from the edge of the pool.  Actual slack requirements may vary depending on local conditions.

8.      Another consideration has to do with the longevity of the cover.  The cover will not last as long when used as a winter cover because of added exposure to the elements.  If it is not used as the winter cover, it should be cleaned and rolled up during the wintertime.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Coverstar Safety Cover iPad App Update

Coverstar automatic safety cover dealers know nothing helps them close sales like our unique iPad app. Now, Coverstar has expanded our industry-leading app to include modules on mesh and solid safety covers as well! Here's what you'll find:

Interactive Sales Presentation: Concise, compelling presentations make it simple to show homeowners all the safety benefits and features of a Coverstar mesh or solid safety cover, including fabric and color choices, warranty and maintenance info.

Photo Gallery/Upload: This easy-to-use module allows you to load in your own application photos and company logo to create customized photo galleries showcasing your past work and options offered.

Mesh/Solid Quoting/Ordering Tool: Links your iPad directly to, enabling you to receive a quote in real time and create an order right from the job site!

Video Library: Includes reference library of measuring and installation videos for reference at the job site.

CLICK HERE to download the app!