Monday, June 27, 2011

SAFETY is our Priority!

Coverstar knows that you would like to have the peace of mind that everyone is safe so you can truly enjoy your pool without any worries. For this reason, Coverstar has built their systems with the highest quality of materials and fabric which is tested and certified to meet the American standard for testing and materials (ASTM) standard for safety pool covers.
 Coverstar engineers their systems with your safety as the highest priority so that you have comfort and knowledge that your children and animals are safe, even after the cover is closed. Fences and other safety devices can provide some comfort, but none will compare to the level of safety of a Coverstar system. In less than a minute, your pool is easily covered with the flip of a secured key switch to create a barrier that every pool should have. The key switch is located in a secured box to provide from unsafe access.
            Coverstar’s commitment to great engineering and safety is also a commitment to you. It will take the worry out of pool ownership, so you can keep enjoying the pool with your family and friends on any occasion.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Safer, Cleaner, More Efficient....FREE!

While most people are aware of the outstanding safety benefits that automatic pool covers offer, did you know they can help you save money as well?  That’s right, automatic pool covers provide savings on heating, electricity, water and pool chemicals – so much so, that your cover can actually pay for itself in just a few years. That means you can gain the benefits of a safer, cleaner, and more efficient pool-for FREE!
Without A Cover…
Like a house without a roof, a pool without a cover is impossible to heat cost effectively. Without a cover, pool owners must continually replace heat and chemicals lost to simple evaporation. And because the water is exposed to the elements, pool filtration pumps use more electricity than is necessary. That wastes valuable resources needlessly and can cost you a lot of money.

Source: U.S. Department of Energy
With A Cover…
There is no better way to conserve important natural resources than an automatic safety pool cover. It’s like a roof for your pool that helps keep out the undesirable things like dirt, leaves and insects while keeping in the good things, like heat, pool chemicals and water. It’s the perfect “Green” solution for pool owners who care about the environment and want to save money on operating costs.

The US Department of Energy said: “Covering a pool when it is not in use is the single most effective means of reducing pool heating costs.”

Source-A consumers Guide To Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy

Here are just a few examples of annual cost savings using an automatic pool cover:

Source: U.S. Department of Energy

Monday, June 13, 2011

New QuickAttach™ Brackets!

Coverstar would like to introduce their new set of QuickAttach™ brackets to our flush lid kit.  These brackets set the standard for ease of system installation.  Their unique design allows the mechanism to be installed into a flush deck lid system faster and easier than standard installations.  Mechanism pulley brackets are locked into a fixed position allowing the mechanism to quickly and easily attach to the mounting brackets on the flush deck riser. 


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Coverstar Products For 2011!

As we launch into the 2011 season, Coverstar would like to keep you updated on our new products and services for 2011.

PowerFlex™ Rope:
The PowerFlex™ rope is not only easy to install, it also includes a built-in "shock absorber" which allows the rope to be more forgiving and self adjusting. The PowerFlex rope will allow a cover to open and close straight with fewer rope adjustments than standard rope. The Powerflex rope is black in color, allowing it to blend in and hide within the track. The black die in the rope also adds lubricity to allow for smoother operation as it travels through the guide and around the pulleys.

QuickAttach™ Brackets:
The Quick Attach brackets will allow for a faster and easier than standard installation of either the Eclipse or aluminum mechanism into a polymer housing and flush deck lid system. The mechanisms will be shipped with the pulley brackets already set at the correct width and height allowing the mechanism to be dropped in the quick attach bracket.

Upgraded Warranties:
-Our Ultragard fabric warranty has been increased from 6 to 7 years.
-Our electric motor warranty has increased from 3 to 5 years and includes water damage as long as there is a functioning drainage system.
-And our new PowerFlex rope comes with an industry-leading 2 year "no break" warranty.

Consumer Financing:
Through this exclusive on-line lending program homeowners can receive instant approval and funding within two weeks up to $35,000 to finance their automatic pool cover system.
-Up to $35,000
-680 FICO Score
-25% debt-to-income ratio
-Starting at 6.78%
-Instant Approval
-Approved loans funded in 2 weeks
-Term Loan 

We believe these new products and services will continue to distinguish Coverstar from others within the industry.