Friday, July 29, 2011

Save up to 50% On Electricity

If you have a Coverstar pool cover, you can save up to 50% on your electricity!!! Because most of the dirt and debris that normally falls into a pool is sealed out, thus the filtration cycle can be limited to just a few hours a day. If you want to keep your pool healthy then pool filtration is vitally important for it. An open pool needs to be filtered 8-10 hours a day because dirt, leaves, and insects can accumulate in a pool in just a few hours. That will use unnecessary electricity. Because the Coverstar system is so easy to use, your pool can be covered when it’s not in use. That means you can also save up to 70% on heating, 70% on pool chemicals, 50% on electricity, and 90% on water. In fact, your automatic safety cover can completely pay for itself in just a few years. Now that’s green! Talk about saving money!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rope Pulleys

Our stainless steel, double row, rope pulleys are nearly triple the load capacity of standard pulleys!
They provide smooth operation and long life.
Standard pulleys wear out easily causing ropes to break and uneven operation. You get what you pay for!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Did you know that a pool cover helps raise water temperature anywhere from 7 to 10 degrees?

And there’s no better way to conserve important natural resources than an automatic safety pool cover from COVERSTAR!

It’s like a roof for your pool that helps keep out the undesirable things like dirt, leaves and insects while keeping in the good things, like heat, pool chemicals and water. All that “yucky” stuff!

It’s the perfect “GREEN” solution for pool owners who care about the environment and want to save money on operating costs. And who’s not about saving money these days?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Warranties – We’ve Got You Covered!

Did you know that Coverstar has consistently provided the most comprehensive automatic pool cover warranties in the industry? And this year we’ve made them even better.  We’ve upgraded our UltraGard™ fabric warranty to 7 years, our electric motor to 5 years, and our new PowerFlex™ rope comes with an industry-leading 2 year warranty.

Coverstar has set the standard in product quality and continues to set the standard in backing up our products.  For example, our UltraGard fabric warranty specifically covers our unique heat sealed webbing.  Through a patented process, Coverstar heat seals its webbing to the fabric, whereas, other manufacturers sew their webbing to their fabric – this is the weakest part of the pool cover and is often the first part to fail.   Because of this weak connection, other manufacturers typically do not cover the webbing under their warranty as does Coverstar. 

When it comes to covers, safety is key.  Our goal is to continue to provide you with the best products in the industry – providing you the best warranties demonstrates our commitment to that goal.  

Friday, July 8, 2011

You want options…we’ve got options!

Coverstar continues to lead the industry by driving innovation and reliability in everything it does, and one of the ways that it does that is by offering a wide variety of options to its consumers. From cookie cutter square pools to extravagant large L & T shaped pools, Coverstar has got you covered!

Gunite, Vinyl Liner, Fiberglass, Extreme Cantilever, Vanishing Edge, Large pools, L & T Shaped, Pool-In-Pool
A Coverstar™ cover system can be easily added during the pool construction process for a beautiful integrated look, or after to fit all of these pool types.

Recessed Topguide, Deck Mounted Bench
If you currently have a pool and you would like to install a Coverstar system on it, this way makes it possible. The recessed topguide system allows us to mount cover guides along the surface of the deck, providing complete coverage of your pool. Using the Deck Mounted Bench, it provides for a convenient and appealing place to hide the system, while adding character and coverage to your pool.

Navy, Royal, Light Blue, Green, Tan, Brown, Gray, Charcoal, Black
All colors are specially formulated heavy-duty vinyl fabric that utilizes an extruding coating process and closed polyester weave for superior product performance.

Aluminum: mounted to the top of the deck and has very low profile.
Flat-Lid: for new or existing rectangular or free form pools.
Flush Deck Lid: built into the mechanism and is completely flush with deck around the pool.
Stone/Concrete: using stainless steel brackets to hold up the stone or concrete, making your cover housing nearly invisible.

Reusable Formed Concrete Pool Coping Styles
Inclined, Cantilever
Aluminum Deck Edge Styles
Bullnose, Inclined, Rounded
Clip-on Aluminum Coping
Rounded, Fiber Optic Option

A pool coping is the cap on the edge of a swimming pool or spa that is mounted on the bond beam to cap the pool shell wall.

Trust us….the possibilities are endless!