Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ASTM Safety Covers

Did you know that COVERSTAR systems use only cover fabric which is tested and certified to meet the American Standard for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard for safety pool covers! An advanced vinyl formulation and superior fabrication methods make it top of the line. No other automatic safety cover manufacturer offers so many exclusive features.  When you want the maximum fabric life possible, COVERSTAR safety cover material is the right choice.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Anchored Underguide

Gorgeous, isn’t it? For the COVERSTAR system to work with raised walls, an Underguide track can either be hung with anchors under a cantilevered edge or installed using our gunite encapsulation. In addition our adjustable torque limiter protects the motorized mechanism from too much stress. The disc brake design is reliable and easy to adjust if needed. Heavy-duty, stainless steel components allow the COVERSTAR Eclipse mechanism to endure harsh environments giving you many years of reliable service. All COVERSTAR automatic safety covers have superior engineering based on more than 35 years of field experience. System reliability, high quality components and compelling benefits make it the preferred choice of pool owners everywhere. Ultra strong components make the COVERSTAR the most durable and reliable automatic safety cover on the market. Be sure to contact a COVERSTAR dealer early in the design process to incorporate this fabulous feature!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Each year Coverstar manufactures and ships more new automatic cover systems than any other manufacturer. Additionally, Coverstar typically ships these large, complex, custom systems within 48 hours with better quality and fewer errors. Coverstar continually sets the industry standard for product features, quality, delivery and order accuracy in both of its world-class manufacturing facilities.

How was this accomplished? The secret to Coverstar’s manufacturing success lies in its people, its willingness to invest in industry leading technology; and its commitment to applying state-of-the-art Lean manufacturing tools and principles.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Coverstar is now offering up to $35,000 personal financing with rates starting at 6.78%APR.

Take advantage of this great deal now by contacting your local Coverstar dealer and obtain an authorization code. Then visit our Financing Page to start the application process.

*At this time, we do not accept loan application from the following states: Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Maine, Mississippi, North Dakota, Nebraska and Tennessee.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Coverstar has the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Coverstar offers a limited 7 year warranty on its fabric. This warranty includes things that other manufacturers don’t. For example, it includes the heat seal between the webbing to the fabric. All other manufacturers sew their webbing to their fabric and do not usually warranty this connection as it can come apart before the cover needs to be replaced due to the breakdown of the threads. Coverstar heat seals its webbing directly to the fabric and is covered under the same warranty as the cover materials itself.

Additionally, in 2011, Coverstar will release its PowerFlex™ rope. This is the latest in rope technology and will be covered under a two year no break warranty and is warranted for manufacturing defects.

Coverstar’s Eclipse mechanism is covered under a 20 year limited warranty. CS3000, SwimWise and Coverluxe mechanisms are covered under a 10 year limited warranty. The motor is covered under a 5 year limited warranty. Other electrical components are covered under a three year limited warranty.