Friday, April 25, 2014

New Automatic Cover Fabric Color - Mocha

Coverstar is pleased to offer a new fabric color as part of our automatic cover product offering.  With the addition of the new Mocha fabric color, Coverstar Automatic Safety Covers are now available in 10 standard colors.

The new Mocha color is a softer shade of brown that is lighter than our current brown fabric, but darker than our tan fabric.  The Brown, Mocha and Tan fabrics are shown in the picture below. 

 Patches and fabric in the new Mocha color can be ordered separately by using the following part numbers:

 A1965    Patch Kit Ultragard III Mocha

C1184    Patch Ultragard III Mocha

C1153    Fabric Ultragard III Mocha SQFT

 Please be aware that when ordering this fabric color with heat sealed webbing, the cover will be made using the current brown heat sealed webbing.  The combination of the Mocha fabric and the brown webbing are very complimentary and look really good together. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Lid Options for Coverstar Automatic Covers

Coverstar offers many options for lids that are used to conceal the cover housing where the cover drive mechanism is located.  Some of these lid options are isntalled after the pool has been built.  Others are installed during the construction of the pool.  These options are:

Standard Aluminum Lid: any housing, any deck.

·         Cannot be walked on

·         Clear anodized aluminum

·         Limited hinge range

·         End edges not beveled

·         Economical
Installed on top of finished pool deck. 


Flat Lid: any housing, any deck

·         Painted gray aluminum

·         Extended hinge range

·         All edges are beveled

·         Cannot be walked on unless standard brackets are upgraded to walk on lid brackets with 36" spacing.

 Installed on top of finished pool deck.

Flush Lid: any housing, concrete deck only

·         Painted gray aluminum

·        Cannot be walked on unless additional brackets are added for 24" spacing.

·         Front edge profiles available to match encapsulation integrated aluminum coping.

Installed during the construction of the pool.  The flush lid riser becomes the concrete forms around the cover housing.


Walk-on Lid: concrete housing best, perimeter forming system recommended for poly housing, use with any deck.

·         Walk on lid material cannot be thicker than coping material(coping and mortar above encapsulation)

·         Lid material must have sufficient flexural strength to span brackets and support a person’s weight. 2" thick material is recommended and 24" bracket spacing. Strength of material and bracket spacing responsibility of builder.

·         Lid stones must be at least as wide as housing opening, 14" typical.

·         Lid stones cannot extend more than 2" past end of brackets. If wider stones are desired to match coping but using 14" housing, hold stone back over back of housing and support with mortar bed.

·         Joints in lid stones cannot be located within 6" of guides.

Friday, April 11, 2014

When To Order a Replacement Cover

Your Coverstar automatic safety cover saves you money from chemical loss, heat loss and water evaporation.  In addition, it offers peace of mind as it provides another layer of protection between your pool and your loved ones. 

But, like anything that is exposed to harsh chemicals and wide variations of environmental conditions, a pool cover needs regular maintenance and periodically, may need to be replaced. 

We are often asked what to look for in a pool cover to know if it is time to have it replaced.  When inspecting your cover, it is important to look for the following:

Look for wear and tear. 
Pool chemicals, temperature variations and ultra violet light can break down the pool cover fabric over time.  Look for cracks, peeling and week spots on the cover where water may be seeping through the surface. 

Feel the cover fabric.
 Pool cover fabric should be pliable and supple.  When a cover becomes too stiff and brittle, there's a good chance the fabric may need to be repaired or replaced. 

Inspect sewn webbing stitching. 
Traditional sewn webbing is a likely source of cover problems.  On standard pool covers, sewn threads can become frayed, cut or disintegrate over time, leading to cover failure.  A cover with sewn webbing is only as safe as the stitching that holds it together.  Coverstar is the only automatic cover manufacturer that produces covers with Heat Sealed Webbing, thus eliminating the stitching. 

Watch for sewn webbing bunching. 
Covers with sewn webbing can bunch up around the rope, which may cause the fabric to catch and tear as it passes through the cover guide feeds. 

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