Friday, November 21, 2014

Coverstar Automatic Safety Cover Benefits

Automatic pool covers have seen great innovations in recent years which give greater flexibility to the types of pools that can include an automatic cover. Automatic pool covers travel through aluminum tracks that are installed on each side of the pool. These tracks form a rectangle around the pool. Because automatic pool covers are rectangular in shape, they have traditionally been an easy addition to rectangular shaped pools. However, through these new innovations, automatic pool covers can not only be installed on rectangular shaped pools, they can also be installed on freeform pools that vary in shape and size.
Regardless of the type of track that is used when installing an automatic cover on a pool, there are a number of benefits that the homeowner will gain by adding a Coverstar automatic pool cover to your swimming pool.
The first benefit is Safety. Although an automatic cover doesn’t replace the need for adult supervision, it does give peace of mind knowing that there is another layer of protection between your loved ones and your swimming pool. Coverstar automatic safety covers have been tested and do comply with the safety standards outlined by ASTM F1346-91.

The second benefit is Savings. Pool owners can see dramatic savings in these areas by using an automatic cover:

Because an automatic safety cover is so easy to use, your pool can be covered when it’s not in use. Covering your pool will dramatically reduce water evaporation and heat loss by up to 70%.

Your automatic cover helps keep your pool chemistry in balance. Your pool looses chemicals through water evaporation. An automatic cover seals the water in, reducing chemical loss by up to 70%. Buying a swimming pool is an investment in family fun. An automatic cover maximizes the value of your pool investment.

Your automatic cover reduces the amount of energy needed to clean your pool. Electricity is required to run the equipment that cleans your pool. An automatic cover keeps dirt and debris out of your pool, saving you up to 50% on electricity.

Not only will the pool cover save you money, you will feel satisfied knowing that you are conserving precious resources.

An automatic cover reduces water evaporation by up to 90%. Keeping your pool covered eliminates the need to constantly add water to your pool. Imagine saving time, money and natural resources all at the same time.

The third benefit is convenience. When closed, an automatic pool cover will keep the dirt, leaves, bugs etc out of the pool. This will give pool owners more time to enjoy the pool and less time cleaning and maintaining it.
Automatic pool covers are custom made for the specific pool it is installed on. Whether you have a square or a freeform shaped pool, in most cases, your pool can have an automatic pool cover.